Case Reference
Chmelnice guest house, Prague

Hotels | Prague, the Capital City

Installed micro power plant:
2× TEDOM MICRO T33 - 66 kWe

Total annual saving:
356 000 CZK

Annual savings per room: 1.130 CZK

  • 315 beds

Heating system: In-house gas boiler room. Electricity: Building connected to the low voltage network.


Chmelnice Guest House offers accommodation for individuals and companies over a wide range of accommodation levels and prices. It is possible to rent only a single bed at the lowest price in the hostel category or a room with its own kitchenette, bathroom and TV with satellite channels. Guests can also rent a standard guest house room, or something in between, in such a way as to suit the requirements of the customer. Rooms with their own bathroom and kitchenette, double rooms, suites with three beds, four beds, five beds and 2 + 3 rooms are available.

Production data

Consumption OnSite produces KGJ Coverage of consumption
Electricity 556 MWh 549 MWh 99 %
Heating 184 MWh 146 MWh 79 %