Case Reference
Cordeus Polyclinic

Hospitals and polyclinics | Prague, the Capital City

Installed micro power plant:
2× TEDOM MICRO T30 - 60 kWe

Total annual saving:
364 000 CZK

  • day spa
  • therapists, masseurs and consultants
  • restaurants
  • cafeteria
  • children's corner

Heating system: In-house gas boiler room 200 kW. Electricity: Building connected to the low voltage network.


The Cordeus health centre offers services in the field of permanent health. They prefer integrational convalescent procedures where medicine for the body and mind are combined. They monitor the interaction between physical and mental health throughout the whole spectrum of diseases spanning traditional and alternative medicine. Cordeus tries to offer truly comprehensive services in the field of overall healthcare, wellness, fitness and spa procedures.


A micro power plant was installed instead of the old boiler room with an output of 96 kW. Cogeneration units were also connected to the second boiler room with an output of 200 kW. The micro power plant provides heating for the building, heating of water and heating for the swimming pool. The second boiler room only helps to provide additional heating at times when the output of the cogeneration units is not enough (at temperatures below 0 °C, the cogeneration units start to run 24 hours per day).

Production data

Consumption OnSite produces KGJ Coverage of consumption
Electricity 295 MWh 158 MWh 54 %
Heating 530 MWh 513 MWh 97 %