Case Reference
Dioptra Turnov

Industrial buildings | Liberec

Installed micro power plant:
2× TEDOM MICRO T30 - 60 kWe

Total annual saving:
365 000 CZK

  • production halls
  • administration buildings

Heating system: In-house gas boiler room. Electricity: Building connected to the high voltage network.


Dioptra Turnov s.r.o. is an optics company which is building on a tradition of optical production in Turnov dating back one hundred years. The production programme includes 4 main areas: handheld optical aids, optical aids on stands and special custom-made aids for the visually impaired; optical products for industry, spectacle lenses and custom-made optical products; custom-made light fittings for the healthcare industry, industry and general use and special services relating to optics. The large complex includes production halls, administrative facilities, storage areas and facilities for on-line sales.


Production data

Consumption OnSite produces KGJ Coverage of consumption
Electricity  417 MWh 160 MWh 38 %
Heating 1055 MWh 570 MWh 54 %