Case Reference
Hotel Olympik Praha

Hotels | Prague, the Capital City

Installed micro power plant:
2× TEDOM MICRO T30 - 60 kWe

Total annual saving:
95 000 CZK

Annual savings per room: 310 CZK

  • more than 550 rooms
  • extensive conference facilities
  • 4 restaurace a kavárny
  • wellness center

Heating system: Building connected to central heat distribution. Electricity: Building connected to the high voltage network.


The four-star Hotel Olympik is one of the most popular congress hotels in Prague. It offers its guests comfortable accommodation in quiet surroundings, extensive conference space, stylish interiors and an inexhaustible range of services. The main building offers accommodation in more than 300 rooms (in May 1971, when the hotel was opened, it was the largest hotel in the Czechoslovakia of that time). Another 250 rooms are offered by the neighbouring low-rise building “Olympik Garni”.


In view of the limited space, only 2 of the smallest Tedom Mikro 2× 30 kWe units were installed, these being primarily used to heat water and to provide additional heating for parts of the building. The existing heating from a central source has been preserved. The units are programmed in such a way as to run in particular during periods when electricity tariffs are high. At the same time, the settings of the units reduce consumption of electricity in the morning and evening peaks, which allows for a reduction in reserved capacity, which is paid for.

Production data

Consumption OnSite produces KGJ Coverage of consumption
Electricity  808 MWh 305 MWh 38 %
Heating  1410 MWh 613 MWh 43 %