Case Reference
Hotel Radegast, Prague 6

Residential houses | Prague, the Capital City

Installed micro power plant:
TEDOM MICRO T30 - 30 kWe

Total annual saving:
370 000 CZK

Annual savings per room: 5.285 CZK

  • dormitory for students
  • conference room

Heating system: Building connected to central heat distribution. Electricity: Building connected to the low voltage network.


Hotel Radegast is located in quiet surroundings near the main road connecting the centre of Prague with the airport. Rooms have standard three-star furnishings. A conference room is also available for 40 people. The hotel is characterised by its homely atmosphere.


The Radegast hostel in Prague with 70 beds uses supplies of heat and hot water from central heat distribution. After installation of one OnSite Power micro power plant with a total output of 92 kW, heating of water and rooms is primarily covered by in-house production, whereas central heat distribution is still a bivalent source of heating, used only during the winter when outside temperatures fall.

A point of interest about this installation is that greater savings have been achieved than expected, this being thanks to the decentralisation of hot water production directly on site. The original hot water supply system from a central source, which was established more than 25 years ago, is demanding on coverage of heat loss in distribution mains between production and consumption, this even being if hot water is not used (e.g. during the night).

This traditional system of central preparation of hot water is very inefficient and is practically no longer found in new systems. Nevertheless, there are still many buildings which have not been renovated and in which this uneconomical system is still in operation.

Production data

Consumption OnSite produces KGJ Coverage of consumption
Electricity 100 MWh 38 MWh 38 %
Heating 170 MWh 170 MWh 100 %